Monday, November 24, 2008

Narval's Folly Introduction

Monday, November 24, 2008 (Originally scheduled for Monday, September 1, 2008)

For the last seven to eight years, I have mulled over an idea about creating an alien journal. At first, I did not have an idea why he would be coming to our planet. He could be here for any of many reasons. He is to create observations over the next year.

Yet, for some reason, I have started and dropped this idea six times already. I think it has to do with the format in which I wanted to create this journal. So, I have decided to try to build a blog to tell a different aspect to my alien story.

My name - Clark Stone. Actually, it is Dennis Clarkston, but Stone is my pseudonym. I started this blog back in June of this year but became bogged down. At the beginning of August, I chose to close this blog down. Now, I wish to restart my project.

After taking a few weeks to think about it, I did not want this project to die. Actually, I am working on two projects in conjunction with each other. I intended this blog to compliment another writing project titled Usscan’s Observation. I have not yet figured how I will place that project online.

In restarting, I plan to start from scratch as if Narval arrived a week before September 1. The previous blog entries have been removed, so I can accomplish this task. Some of the information in these files may reappear in future editions of this blog.

Yet, because I did not get restarted when I wanted, this particular blog entry is for November 24, 2008. I will have blog entries from the period covering from September 1 that I may stick into the blog. The date of the blog will be written at the top of the post.

When I get my web page up and running, I will create web pages that will hold all of the original blog entries. It may take a a month or two before I get everything up and running the way I would like it.

The main purpose for this blog is to entertain. It is a work of fiction with the main character being a Varnark named Narval who gives his observations about the humans and their quarks. His fellow Varnark may show up on occasion tell a story or two. They are Tement, Omman, Thenal and any other that I may develop in the future.

The style in which this blog will be written will be conversational. Narval will speak his notes and thoughts into a voice recorder, which is then translated by my computer or me. After a quick proof read, it will be uploaded to the blog. I will attempt to use humor in these posts, but I have never been good at doing that. So please do not be too critical about what you may read.

I will include a date of the blog at the top of the entry. You may notice that the date will be almost a month behind. I plan to have a 14 to 28 day leeway so that I can build a decent backlog of entries.

Also, I may need to skip a two to three days between blogs. There may be times that I may post something every day. I will announce at the bottom of the blog entry the date of the next blog post. I find that if I write it every day, I begin to go bald -- it causes me to pull my hair out by the handful.

This blog will be anywhere from 100 to 500 words in length. There may be times when I may go under or over.

I hope you will enjoy this blog.

Now, I wish to thank Kimber Chin for her how to articles on ‘blogging’ and the ‘blogger’s world.’ I need to those articles again to make sure I have not missed something. She writes four blogs:,,,

I also wish to thank Connie Cox for answering my questions about ‘blogging.’

I also like to throw out one more thing – the copyright notice. I do not know if this is appropriate and my find out quickly if I made a mistake but --- Copyright 2008 Dennis H. Clarkston.

Next post will be November 25, 2008

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