Friday, November 28, 2008

Eating What???

Friday, November 28, 2008

Did you know that the humans served turkey for Thanksgiving? Also, did you know that a turkey was a bird? We didn’t. The only Turkey we knew about was Joseph “Turkey” Brown.

I knew something was up when Stone said 'Turkey is baking in the oven.' But the others did not. He did not bother to tell us that the turkey that he stuffed and baked was actually a bird. If he had, it would have saved quite a bit of heartache.

In the spirit of unity, I went with the others when they locked themselves in the room and tried to convince my childish brethren that Stone was pulling a practical joke. It wasn’t until Joseph showed up and talked us out of the room that they realized that they had been hoodwinked.

They are looking for a way to get back at Stone. It seems hiding his camera did not deter him good enough. He thought he lost it; Varnark, was he in a bad mood until he found it three days later.

This will be the last I will discuss this. I think


Not quite! Hello, this is Thenal. Stone agreed to allow me to report this one note. I hope you will enjoy this transcription of a certain recording.

Hi there, Narval here. It's time for my second report. I think it is great that Stone is throwing this great feast to celebrate Turkey Day. Most of the crew is here - even Penelope. We are waiting for the guest of honor, Turkey.

What did you say, Stone? He’s here? Where? What do you mean he's in the oven? No. NO! It can’t be. Your lying, aren't you. It's that camera incident. Well, isn't it? What, you really stuffed and baked Turkey. How can you be so cruel? No, I don't believe you. It can’t be. NO! NO!

Thump, thump, thump.
thump, thump. Slam!

Click! Ahem, I hope you understand who else locked himself in the room and would not come out. Talk about being childish, sheesh (Big Grin). Too bad Tement won’t allow us to put that recording up on the blog site. - Thenal.

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